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The CBS team has more than 60 years’ combined building industry experience and more than 20 years’ combined building surveying experience. CBS’s exclusive and innovative systems and techniques are continually evolving; due to our lateral thinking approach to problem solving, we lead the way in innovative solutions for our clients.

We have investigated or inspected more than 1100 residential and commercial buildings; and provided design and remediation services to more than 200 residential and commercial building owners.

Building surveys often require specialised information and analysis. We have long standing professional relationships with experienced specialists in a wide variety of disciplines, from engineers to microbiologists and from roll formers to construction lawyers. Maintaining these relationships reinforces and enhances the quality of our advice and accuracy of our surveying.

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Meet Our Team

Mark Hazlehurst

Phone: 027-222-8014

Email: mark@centralbuildingsurveyors.co.nz

Steve Harrison

Phone: 0800-727-007 (Option 1)

Email: steve@centralbuildingsurveyors.co.nz