What Does A Building Assessment Involve?

Our building assessments are based on proven, innovative low-impact investigation techniques that can accurately confirm a building’s structural condition and its weathertightness performance.

Is a Building Assessment Invasive?

When you work with us, the answer is generally no. In most cases we can assess a building’s condition without removing any part of its exterior cladding.

Our low level invasive and visual assessment will identify issues (if any) that need to be remediated. Our goal is to establish the nature and extent of remedial work required to make your building weathertight and durable.

What Does A Building Assessment Include?

Our Assessment services include:

  • Exterior Envelope Visual Inspection
  • Building biopsy testing
  • Analysis of test results
  • Biopsy Report
  • Strategy options
  • Maintenance recommendations

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Recent News

Recent remediation

Central Building Surveyors recently remediated the exterior envelope of a pebble dash solid plaster home built in 1998, which had no Code Compliance Certificate.