What is a Code Compliance Certificate?

A Code Compliance Certificate is a statutory document issued under Section 95 of the New Zealand Building Act 2004. It verifies building work complies with the building consent and with the New Zealand Building Code.

Why Should I Get A Code Compliance Certificate?

Whether you are a purchaser or a seller, a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is a valuable document. Prospective purchasers and their legal advisors want to know if a house has a CCC before they buy it. A house without a CCC is often perceived as being of less value than a house that has a CCC. Obtaining a CCC can be as simple as having a qualified building professional provide a formal report to the local authority.

How Can CBS Help?

If you do not have a Code of Compliance Certificate or you are concerned about your building’s performance, please contact us – we can provide you with timely and valuable advice that will help you avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience.

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

If you contact your local authority before obtaining professional advice, typically the local authority will book a Final Inspection. Following that inspection you may receive a Code Compliance Certificate Letter of Refusal issued under Section 95a of the New Zealand Building Act:2004.

Code Compliance Certificate Letters of Refusal list the reasons why the local authority is unable to issue a Code Compliance Certificate; the refusal letter and accompanying reasons are lodged permanently on your Property File for prospective purchasers to see. A Letter of Refusal may affect your dwelling’s market value. Contacting us first means the issues a local authority Code Compliance Certificate Refusal Letter could identify can be remedied before the council’s Final Inspection is carried out.

Failed Final Inspection, Letter of Refusal or Notice to Fix

If you receive a Notice to Fix, failed Final Inspection or Code Compliance Certificate Letter of Refusal from your local authority please contact us. We can find solutions to the issues these documents raise.  We regularly work with local authorities to satisfy their needs and requirements.


Recent News

Recent remediation

Central Building Surveyors recently remediated the exterior envelope of a pebble dash solid plaster home built in 1998, which had no Code Compliance Certificate.