About Our Building Restoration Services

Since 2005, CBS has focused our building restoration services on remediating buildings with at risk exterior claddings in order to restore building performance. Our innovative assessment and unique remediation techniques are well proven on both commercial and residential buildings.

Our building restoration services cover the entire remedial process, from in house design to project management. All our remediation work is supervised by Licensed Building Practitioners.

Building The Best Restoration Teams

We recognise that successful projects depend on the skill, knowledge and expertise of each team member. We select team members who we believe are the best in their field. In addition we work closely with our clients and consider them team members critical to the project’s success.

Our project managers spend much of their time at the coal-face, focusing on quality, budget and time. We promote clear and concise communication between team members to maintain efficient work flows and minimise downtime.

As leader of the project team, we work closely with others who influence the project’s outcomes, such as building inspectors, product suppliers, engineers, and designers. We deal with the unforeseen issues that arise during remedial projects; the success of any remedial project depends on experienced, high quality, onsite decision making.

Successful Building Restoration

CBS believes strongly that successful projects must have:

  1. Good Design
  2. Good Products
  3. Good People
  4. Good Communication

Our Restoration services include:

  • Project Scope
  • Remedial Proposals
  • Design Services
  • Building Consent Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Project Certification

Central Building Surveyors has the skill, knowledge and expertise to ensure projects are finished on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Contact us today for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

Recent News

Recent remediation

Central Building Surveyors recently remediated the exterior envelope of a pebble dash solid plaster home built in 1998, which had no Code Compliance Certificate.